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Creative | Copywriter


Once upon a time a teenage girl found herself interning at a management and tech consultancy giant, Accenture. Upon graduating, she returned to those familiar shores to work in Business Development for four years but she craved a more creative path. Combining her love of writing and comedy with an understanding of business, she landed on advertising and trotted off to Ad School in Falmouth University to train as a copywriter. She's been working as a Creative ever since.

The End.

That’s my story. It’s a weird one. I’m a creative copywriter who’s also really good at excel. I am just as comfortable with analytical thinking and strategic planning as I am with conceptual ideation and writing campaign lines, content and scripts. Never happier than when I'm solving a problem, I work well under pressure and am a roll-up-the-sleeves and get stuff done sort of woman. Mostly, I just want to make great work with great people.



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